Original design and manufacturing excellence are at the basis of Ornare products. Just as each project is unique, according to each customer's individuality, so are our collections, which allow ample possibilities of customization.

Explore our portfolio and discover what makes Ornare a quality reference in the high-end interior market.

Timeless Kitchen

The Timeless kitchen line is a pioneer in the use of solid wood. Its ventilated doors create an aesthetic effect of light and shadow through the alternation between the wooden slats and empty space. With a timeless design, the collection features compositions that skillfully combine the nobility of solid wood with the lightness of glass.

The ventilated areas provide proper air circulation and add a delicate transparency to the modules, giving the space a sense of lightness. In addition to kitchens, this versatile collection finds its place in various environments, such as bathrooms, pantries, and china cabinets.

Contract Division

Ornare has a department dedicated exclusively to overseeing complex and highly structured projects, ensuring that design and excellence are conveyed precisely and elegantly.

Autoria by Ornare – OM / GO

Signature Alphaville – JMF / SP


At Ornare Showrooms, we want to offer a unique shopping experience for our customers. Spaces are designed with the latest releases to inspire customers to create unique and sophisticated environments from different style options that meet the most diverse tastes.

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