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Stilo, stelo, stile, style, are the similarities that create the image of this product line.
The meanings of these terms refer to fine lines, smooth and refined aesthetic sense.
The Stilo line is born as a tribute to elegance and lightness.
The handles of this line ennoble and sophisticated the furniture, as if the product wore a jewel.


Developed to enhance the bathrooms, the Betula Line features doors with unique paintings and a handle made of tin machined in wood, with the possibility of applying unique finishes. Developed by Studio Ornare, the Birch line provides a delicate and sophisticated product to compose the environment.


The ball-shaped handle gives the environment a playful look. Colors give the product more strength and vibration. It is a young, colorful and stripped-down product that, at the same time, goes back to the grandparents’ house, bringing out the affective memory, the vintage style and the retro air.


The exclusive Manhattan shower room, created by Studio Ornare and architect Patricia Anastassiadis, is designed to offer peace and comfort to the most intimate location of the house. The geometric, elegant and functional universe of the Art deco movement, as well as the clever details and accessories, determine its functionality and personality.