“Autoria by Ornare”: Partnership that redefines living in Goiânia – Ornare


“Autoria by Ornare”: Partnership that redefines living in Goiânia

O.M. Incorporadora and Ornare, in response to the city’s demanding real estate scene, have teamed up to launch an architectural landmark that raises the concept of high-end housing, with apartments and common areas designed by Ornare.

With the expertise of O.M. Incorporadora and the international recognition of Ornare, “Autoria by Ornare” offers an authorial and striking experience from the perspective of exclusivity.

The development brings Ornare’s name to the Goiânia real estate market with 1 and 2-suite units, from 49 to 88m², designed to be grandiose.

Located in the privileged Marista sector, with 140 residential units surrounded by an infrastructure and furnishings that embrace the contemporary lifestyle, this project represents the union between two leading brands in their segments.

The apartments and common areas are designed by Ornare, which brings its expertise to create environments that combine international trends with comfort and functionality. Its portfolio includes collaborations with world-renowned designers, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and distinctive design.

Scheduled for the coming months, the launch is arousing anticipation among investors and future residents, who are waiting for the development that promises to elevate lifestyle and enrich the Goiânia skyline, creating a lasting legacy that reflects the vision of high quality and innovation of both brands.

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