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Timeless Collection launch

New collection of products stands out for bringing back the certified solid wood and manufacturing wood, adding cutting-edge technology in cabinetry production.
We will launch our new collection Timeless during the Salone del Mobile, which takes place from
April 18th to 23rd, in Milan, ltaly.

With a design full of personality, the collection consists of timeless funiture built to last for generations. The choice of certified solid wood as the main material, combined with high technology and manufacturing, guarantees a high quality and a lasting result.

The ventilated solid wood structures – internationally certified by the FSC ® – Forest Stewardship Council ® – produce an effetc of light and shadow effect, forming architectural designs and creating cubes of light that ennoble residential spaces. ln addition, glass has a strong presence in drawers and islands, creating lighted boxes that generate sensory effects, reinforcing the pleasure of well-being. Leather also stands out in the new collection, ennobling the organic shapes and bringing comfort.

Discover the launches of the Timeless Collection:


Handcrafted with solid wood, the Timeless Doors collection is made to cross generations. The aesthetic effect of light and shadow generated by the smooth rhythm of its vertical brises enchants in three variations: ventilated, partially ventilated and smooth with massive fillets. Metal finishes add the final touch to these unique and special pieces.


Made with solid wood, craftsmanship and natural leather, the Timeless Beauty line was designed in every detail to elevate the intimate moment of beauty to a supreme experience. A line meticulously developed for personal care, with a leather top, dressing room mirror with its own lighting, sliding tray, accessory holder and sockets. A unique and timeless piece, which incorporates aesthetics and functionality.


Crafted with details, with a robust structure in contrast to the lightness of the partitions, the Timeless Bookcase line becomes a monument in the environment. The details from the finishes and textures, allows different compositions.  The niches have automated lighting with dimming. lts niches, doors, drawers and bar provide solutions for different environments, with great freedom of configuration and use.


Edge Desk was designed in every detail to offer ergonomics and functionality. Robust in essence, elegant in appearance. Industrial technology, crafted manufacturing. lt brings the resistance of carbon steel, with the comfort of wood. The sophistication of natural leather, with the luxury of brass. A set of harmonic dualities that, combined with elements such as hidden sockets, dimmable lighting, drawers and assorted object holders, provide a unique experience of use and contemplation.


With a clean and exclusive design, and a particular use of glass and wood, Timeless lsland is a true glass showcase designed as a precious box. The LED lighting system integrated with sensors and built into the top enhances the objects on display. Highly customizable, it can be made up of drawers or shelves and receive a variety of sizes and finishes, such as leather upholstery.


Composed of steel, solid wood and leather, Mancebo combines traditional elements with contemporary techniques, making it a functional and timeless object. The symmetrical design, curves and fluid Unes and the metallic tips – real jewels – elevate its status from product to monument.