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Ornare strives for the excellence of its products to develop more than kitchens, but a complete experience. The lines are carefully crafted and obsessed with details that make a difference.


Cabinets are essential to make the environment more elegant and organized. Therefore, Ornare develops exclusive lines to create the perfect space, according to the profile of each client.

Wall System

The elements that make up this collection line the house as a unique environment: coatings, cabinets, closets, bathrooms and kitchens are interpreted as elements that generate interconnected spaces and harmonics.


The bathrooms are relaxing environments that deserve attention. They have gained space in the creativity of architects and interior designers and become more charming every day! Ornare develops the complete line for your home and office.


A series of accessories made in Corian enrich the kitchen. Available in two sizes: rectangular or round, the pieces are suspended from the panel by an elegant system of metal props that can slide along a bar above the working plane in a useful and comfortable way, also with a single paper holder.

Doors and Panels

Striking, Ornare doors and panels add elegance, subtlety and sophistication to any project.