Colette Collection debuts in Milan – Ornare


Colette Collection debuts in Milan

Ornare showcases its latest collections during MDW24. With an elegant and perennial design that transcends generations, the Colette Collection will be the protagonist of the brand’s new flagship in Milan, alongside the acclaimed Timeless Collection.

Traditionally, Ornare presents its innovative launches in Milan Design Week, one of the leading architecture and decoration events, attracting architects, designers, artists, and enthusiasts worldwide.

This time, the debut is twice as remarkable, with the opening of the Ornare Milano flagship store and the launch of the Colette Collection, signed by Studio Ornare, under the direction of Murillo Schattan. The new showroom includes kitchens in the lines Minimal, Round, Linear, Shaker, and Colette; walk-in closets of the Stripe, 270º, Ikigai, Wall System, Crystal Case; the Move panel; the Little Luxury Beauty cabinet set, plus accessories such as puff chairs, Shaker bars, and Ornare coat racks.

The Colette Collection will be showcased at Palazzo Galaratti, a Baroque building dating from the 18th century, chosen to house the brand’s new address – one where classic style meets contemporary lines. Colette stands out for its versatility and ability to integrate different finishes, providing freedom in creative expression and experimentation of combinations.

The collection is composed of several complements, from corbels, baseboards, flat covings, shelves, table tops and legs, cupboards, and even doors adorned with carved frames inspired by the French boiseries. There is a wide variety of sophisticated and uniquely designed handles signed by Studio Ornare.

One of the main features of the line is its tailoring ability. A selection of finishes, such as straw, adds an organic touch with its natural texture. Stainless steel has been incorporated to create a delicate contrast and modernity to the projects.

Other elements stand out, starting with the traditional crystal cabinet, designed to store and display valuables such as fine porcelain, bowls, and collectible items. Highlighted by its interior lighting, the piece creates an attractive atmosphere.

The solid wood cutting board is part of a practical solution. This option accompanies the tops equipped with a built-in trash, a classic handle, and a stainless steel coating, giving a layer of sophistication to the set.

Visit the Colette Collection at the new flagship store of Ornare in Milan, located on Via Manzoni, 30 – Palazzo Galaratti, in the heart of the Quadrilatero Della Moda. The showroom is open daily, with special programming from April 16 to 21.

The collection promises to inspire and delight design lovers, leaving its mark on the world design scene.