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The 270° line combines innovation, functionality and sophistication, bringing a set of doors with 270 ° opening through a technological opening system. With a minimalist design and a light structure, the doors -consisting on a metal frame and a central part in glass or wood- rotate on the hinge axis allowing a wide opening, generating greater satisfaction and easier access inside the cabinet. The application will only be possible on hinged doors, and can be used in environments such as closets and rooms.

By Studio Ornare


Lightness is the distinctive characteristic of Wire. A very thin carbon steel structure forms the tridimensional grid of this storage system, then enhanced by elegant shelves, drawers and boxes in different materials. The structure is completed by a variety of specific accessories, which make it broadly versatile, and thanks to them it can be configured for different environments like kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or office. Another advantage of the line is the visual permeability that guarantees an attractive and functional space.

By Patricia Martinez + Studio Ornare


The Ikigai line is inspired by two primary values ​​of Asian cultures: essentiality and technological innovation. A lightweight, minimalist design frame system builds cabinet doors, leaving a glimpse of the metal frame, while the central part of the doors accepts a wide and sophisticated range of finishes.

Its elegant handle is integrated into the frame and can be customized using a different material inside the cavity.


The Shaker line offers a reinterpretation of traditional furniture. With a simple and delicate handle, the door frame stands out as the main element of the line and its metallic structure makes it modern and sophisticated.

It is especially the frame that gives endless possibilities to customize the product with a wide range of aesthetics, from classic to contemporary. Available finishes range from the elegance of glass to the warmth of wood and woven raffia, as well as the craftsmanship of the Shakers community.


The Infinite line is presented as an evolution of the Wall System, involving the home as a unique and fluid environment. Its distinctive striped panels allow you to merge walls, doors and furniture into a single surface with dynamic appearance and high decorative value. The delicate rhythm of its lines follows the cabinets and drawers, where a set of built-in handles complete the composition.


Mech – from mechanics – is a very light looking line. Its visible structure takes on the main role, as a skeleton, and can produce a wide range of modular elements characterized by their cube-shaped joints. The system is best shown with open sides, but the glass doors are also a perfect match for this line and its lightness.


Stilo, stelo, stile, style, are the similarities that create the image of this product line.
The meanings of these terms refer to fine lines, smooth and refined aesthetic sense.
The Stilo line is born as a tribute to elegance and lightness.
The handles of this line ennoble and sophisticated the furniture, as if the product were covered by a jewel.

Crystal Case

The showcase-like cabinet, the transparency of the glass and the lightness of the aluminum profiles have visible hinged door technology with glazed or hollow flanks and internal illumination attached to the shelves. Developed for any environment, such as a beautiful closet, a silverware or a sophisticated bookcase, the Crystal Case line adds versatility, modernity and innovation to the new Wide Line collection.


Known for creating innovative solutions, Guto Indio da Costa has innovated by incorporating a polyester canvas into his line of cabinets designed for the High Line collection. The perforated web is the closet door itself that ensures natural ventilation: the interior of the cabinet exchanges air, heat and temperature with the outside environment.


The Wave line has clean, innovative and versatile shapes. Its uniquely designed and extremely ergonomically designed linear handles can compose kitchen, closet or bath room furniture in four different ways, horizontally or vertically, and also with the opening of two doors forming a single pit. The Wave line also features options in various finishes, colors and internal lighting.


A door that is pleasant to the touch and almost imperceptible to look at. The glass surrounded by a delicate and thin aluminum profile, provides lightness and enhances the unique colors in the reflect, shine or acidate versions. The glass can allow the interior of the cabinet to be transparent, or completely seal it, valuing the different materials within the same environment.


A contemporary line with straight lines and imperceptible handles that incorporate the product. Finishes in unique colors, wood or laminate, as well as smart details and accessories, determine its functionality and personality.


The Australe Line was designed by Studio Ornare and emphasizes sophistication and precision. The traditional cabinet with swing doors gains personality with detail of the vertical door trim. With variations in finishes and an elongated handle that ensures the furniture is contemporary, fits into any environment, composing with mirror or exclusive colors.


Crafted in metal with unique colors in matte or glossy finishes, the cabinet has lines reminiscent of an Art Deco touch and characteristic classic details, demonstrating its sophistication in every detail. The outer handles also print class to the product.


The inspiration comes from the Venetian seals and nanjing, which represent the exclusivity of the line. However, the main concept is in the reflection of people’s behavior in the project itself. In imagining the yearnings of who will be in front of the closet, remembering that he can store fantasies, memories, moments and life stories.


With a more classic language, she aims to work the stroke, the pads and the details. The design is inspired by the living kitchen and features some references to the past tense. The goal is to provide comfort and bring a little of the classic to the current scenario.


Imposing, sophisticated and modern, with a delicate yet striking horizontal handle, it divides the doors in natural leather or in paint in unique paneling colors. The Divisio Line makes the closet a luxurious object in any environment.


The classic cabinet with smooth hinged doors and exterior handles, made in unique colors or lined with a sophisticated natural wood blade, is designed for customers who appreciate straight lines, harmonics, and care about functionality, ergonomics and technology.


Horizontal friezes and unique colors bring personality to the doors. Built-in handles enhance the idea of ​​a panel, not just a door, that can seal the interior of the cabinet or enrich the decor of the room.