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Doors and Panels


Ornare’s first sliding glass door system is a valuable tool in organizing spaces. With the essence and elegance of the Ikigai line, the aluminum frames maintain a minimalist design. They can be enriched with various materials such as paint, wood veneer, high quality laminates or leather.

Internally, the doors can be equipped to store objects on shelves, hangers and hooks. Different glass textures and aluminum shutters are also available for added privacy.


Inspired by the simple and linear life model, the Fluo door brings wood as the main raw material, enriched, however, by the most modern technology. Its modern panels set the tone of the traditional ambience.


The idea was to create a perfectly integrated hinged folding door. Thus, the door is able to disappear into the wall, like a chameleon – which is the inspiration of the piece. The wide variety of materials and finishes cater to all tastes while offering elegance.