Brand expands in Europe with a new showroom in Milan – Ornare


Brand expands in Europe with a new showroom in Milan

Established as a reference in luxury decoration and design in international markets, Ornare will start a new phase with operations in the European market in April this year.

Ornare celebrates its arrival in Milan by opening the first showroom on the European continent. The event represents a significant milestone in its global expansion at the center of world design.

A constant trajectory of expansion marks the history of Ornare. The brand solidified its presence in the Americas, currently with 14 units in Brazil and eight in the US – and four new addresses about to be opened – and a showroom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in the iconic building signed by Zaha Hadid.

The new cycle in Milan reinforces the brand’s position as a global benchmark in the industry, providing unique experiences worldwide. The address chosen is Via Manzoni, 30, in Palazzo Gallarati. The 18th-century building offers a contrast with the contemporaneity of the collections.

Notably, the prestigious Quadrilatero della Moda region is known for its many high-end brands with a long tradition in design. From the Renaissance to today, the Italian city has been a center of excellence in architecture, fashion, and design. “Milan’s historic heritage contributes to the city’s reputation as a reference in creativity and aesthetics, so we look forward to presenting our unique creations in this inspiring context,” says founding partner Esther Schattan.

Thanks to its annual presentation during the Salone del Mobile Milano – one of the world’s largest and most prestigious furniture and design fairs – Ornare is already known in Europe. In 2023, Ornare surprised the audience with the Timeless Collection, incorporating charming, sustainable, and eternal solutions. “We have always been present at the show, and we feel there was room for a more consistent presence in Europe,” says founding partner Murillo Schattan.

The long-awaited showroom will open during the Milan Design Week in April and showcase the main collections of the brand, including the acclaimed Timeless Collection.



16-21 April, 2024

We are honored to invite you to the opening of our new showroom in Milan during the week of Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano.