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Stow is a unique, versatile and elegant modular accessory that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Its visible structure is made entirely of aluminum, with several possibilities of finishes in metallic paint. It has the ability to adapt to different needs due to the inclusion of accessories such as: shelves, hooks, paper holders and cup holders.

By Studio Ornare


The Sky line brings lightness, versatility and functionality. Its visible structure assumes the main role in the composition of islands and cabinets through frames fixed to the ceiling. The slender aluminum frames and glass shelves allow visual permeability, highlighting the lightness transmitted from the product.

By Studio Ornare


Trays everywhere. Emporium is a collection of trays integrated into the Wall system. In fact, trays can be merged with system wall panels, creating standalone modular units. In addition, these containers can easily be removed from the holder and placed on a shelf or used to carry objects because of their comfortable handling.


A series of Corian-made accessories that enrich the kitchen. Available in two sizes: rectangular or round, the pieces are suspended from the panel by an elegant system of metal props that can slide along a bar above the working plane in a useful and comfortable way, also with a single paper holder.

Square. Tops and Vats

Ornare and Mekal in partnership, present a new collection of versatile and customizable stainless steel kitchen tops and basins, signed by Ricardo Bello Dias. One, two or three tanks, new vats distinguished by their geometric rigor, are accompanied by a series of accessories, such as cutting boards, trays and containers integrated into the product, making food preparation easier.

Square. Frame

The upper part of the island is integrated in a composition of shelves that transform the space above the functional work surface. The shelves are available in wood and glass, are fixed by a metal frame with different finishes. The glass shelf, with an integrated lighting system, is the option that best emphasizes the lightness of the element.

Square. Case

The island can be enriched with a central channel, embedded or surface mounted, which can serve as a container, vegetable garden or open-bar. The accessory even has drainage in order to be able to contain the ice in case you wish to keep the bottles close at optimal temperature.

Square. Divider

The desktop is complemented by a suspension strip capable of performing different functions. It can be a practical support for hanging utensils, a solid base for positioning additional tray trays, or supporting vertical partitions.

Vanity Box

Decorative boxes, available in round and rectangular versions and two different heights. Inside the cabinets or on shelves, they enrich the furniture with a touch of elegance, lined in fabric with two color choices, brown and gray, and Ornare print on leather details, plus a branded metal seal for closure. it gently.


The Stilo line is born as a tribute to elegance and lightness. The handles of this line ennoble and sophisticated the furniture, as if the product wore a jewel. For kitchens, closets or bathrooms, the Stilo Line brings versatility and sophistication in four material choices that line the knobs: leather, wood, metal or knurled. The doors can also be worked in laminate, paint, leather or natural wood laminate, making the product unique and exclusive.

Vanity Tray

Organizer system. and drawer trays. It is a drawer division system capable of organizing accessories.
Designed to fit your Ornare drawers perfectly, the line consists of a series of removable trays designed to hold your kitchen accessories.