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The Ikigai line is inspired by two primary values ​​of Asian cultures: essentiality and technological innovation. A lightweight, minimalist design frame system builds cabinet doors, leaving a glimpse of the metal frame, while the central part of the doors accepts a wide and sophisticated range of finishes.

Its elegant handle is integrated into the frame and can be customized using a different material inside the cavity.


The Shaker line offers a reinterpretation of traditional furniture. With a simple and delicate handle, the door frame stands out as the main element of the line and its metallic structure makes it modern and sophisticated.

It is especially the frame that gives endless possibilities to customize the product with a wide range of aesthetics, from classic to contemporary. Available finishes range from the elegance of glass to the warmth of wood and woven raffia, as well as the craftsmanship of the Shakers community.


The Infinite line is presented as an evolution of the Wall System, involving the home as a unique and fluid environment. Its distinctive striped panels allow you to merge walls, doors and furniture into a single surface with dynamic appearance and high decorative value. The delicate rhythm of its lines follows the cabinets and drawers, where a set of built-in handles complete the composition.


Mech – from mechanics – is a very light looking line. Its visible structure takes on the main role, as a skeleton, and can produce a wide range of modular elements characterized by their cube-shaped joints. The system is best shown with open sides, but the glass doors are also a perfect match for this line and its lightness.


With its simple lines, Skate is a dynamic kitchen characterized by movement. Its sliding view trays and retractable doors allow it to easily transform and enhance the order of the surrounding objects and environment. Modern and functional, Skate is the perfect solution for combining your kitchen and living room without displaying it.


Stilo, stelo, stile, style, are the similarities that create the image of this product line.
The meanings of these terms refer to fine lines, smooth and refined aesthetic sense.
The Stilo line is born as a tribute to elegance and lightness.
The handles of this line ennoble and sophisticated the furniture, as if the product were covered by a jewel.


The Wave line has clean, innovative and versatile shapes. Its uniquely designed and extremely ergonomic linear handles can be part of the composition of kitchen furniture, closet or bath room, in four different ways, horizontally or vertically, and also with the opening of two doors forming a single pit. The Wave line also features options in various finishes, colors and internal lighting.

Wave Gourmet

A functional island where the combination of Wave line profiles brings a contemporary clean look.
Like a metal block, the 5mm solid stainless steel top with a molded tub integrates with cabinets that receive high-concentration metallized paint.
In contrast, a demolition wooden table brings the cozy and comfortable look to dining.


A contemporary line with straight lines and imperceptible handles that incorporate the product. Finishes in unique colors, wood or laminate, as well as smart details and accessories, determine its functionality and personality.


With a more classic language, she aims to work the stroke, the pads, the details. The design is inspired by the living kitchen and features some references to the past tense. The goal is to give comfort, bringing a bit of classic to the current scenario.