Ornare and Tania Bulhões come together to celebrate Christmas – Ornare


Ornare and Tania Bulhões come together to celebrate Christmas

Ornare showrooms in Brazil and the United States present table settings by renowned architects using pieces from Tania Bulhões brand.

Ornare and Tania Bulhões joined forces to celebrate Christmas with table settings created by prestigious architects and shown in Ornare showrooms in Brazil and the United States. The brands extend the successful partnership that had started with the Tania Bulhões pop-up store at the Ornare Hamptons showroom in New York. “Tania Bulhões and Ornare are brands with a lot of synergy and share the same values, such as providing their customers with experiences that combine close attention to details and high-quality design,” says Esther Schattan, founding partner and director of Ornare.

Christmas table settings are available at Ornare showrooms and open to the public for visitation. Check out the names of the architects responsible for the table settings in Brazil:

Sao Paulo: Vivian Coser and Andrezza Alencar (Ornare at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva); Norah Carneiro (D&D Shopping showroom).

Ribeirao Preto: Eloisa Bonini.

Goiania: Simone Lourenço.

Rio de Janeiro: Mariana Halpern (Leblon) e Vanessa Borges (Barra Shopping).

Belo Horizonte: Fernanda Villefort.

Curitiba: Fernanda Cassou.

Manaus: Mylena Bonfim.

In Manhattan, USA, the table setting is signed by interior designer Lenka Soares; Rasha Nasreddin for the Houston showroom; Carlos Canella signs the settings the showroom located in Brooklyn, and the partnership also extends to the Hamptons.

With 16 showrooms in several states in Brazil and a strong international presence, Ornare is a benchmark in the luxury market. In addition to the eight showrooms in the United States, the company expanded its presence with a showroom in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), consolidating itself as a prominent brand globally.