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Daily life turns into art in new exhibition

Ornare promoted a cocktail and guided tour to the “Lapidar Imagens” exhibition by artist Rafael Pereira in his first solo show at Galeria Estacao. The collection is a sensitive dive of memories and imagination.

The celebration of the richness of the Black heritage and the provocative aesthetics of the modernist portrait appeared in the 20 oils on canvas of the exhibition “Lapidar Imagens” (“Polishing Images”). It highlights the pictorial production deeply influenced by Rafael Pereira’s experiences in his travels in Brazil.

Under Vilma Eid’s visionary leadership, Galeria Estacao has recognized Pereira’s exceptional talent, emphasizing his unique ability to transform everyday life into something poetic, elegant, and sophisticated. The call to represent the talented artist was irresistible to Vilma Eid, a reference in Brazilian artistic research for 40 years, revealing and sharing the best of Brazil internationally. “I noticed a natural talent in Rafael that should be encouraged and exhibited. I have always liked to allow young people like him to express themselves,” says Vilma.

The unique experience during the exhibition provided an immersion where memories and imagination intertwined. The artist participated in the event. He shared stories about the process of creating his works. Other guests included entrepreneur Esther Schattan, Founding Partner of Ornare, Pitter Schattan, Ornare’s Commercial Director, and Vilma Eid, artistic director and founder of Galeria Estacao, stage designer Chris Ayrosa, interior designer Noura Van Dijk, and architects Yara Elias and Marta Sa.

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