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Sustainability on the agenda: Ornare participates in tree-planting action

Reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, Ornare is engaged in environmental initiatives and actively participates in the tree planting action promoted by Carbon Free Brazil for a greener and responsible planet for future generations.

In a global context of growing concern for climate change, carbon neutralization has emerged as a crucial response to mitigate environmental impacts. Practices of carbon neutralization – which involve compensating greenhouse gas emissions through initiatives such as tree planting – have registered remarkable growth on a global scale. Ornare has robust certifications, such as FSC®, Trinity Renewable Energies, Green Building Council, and Carbon Free, reflecting its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Reducing carbon emissions related to the production process is one of the company’s main points of attention. The company has taken significant measures to minimize its carbon footprint, from developing new products to better manufacturing and assembly. In 2023, Ornare dedicated substantial efforts to carry out and monitor its GHG inventory. As a result, it can neutralize 100% of emissions related to the production process, both direct and indirect emissions generated by energy consumption. In 2024, efforts were also intensified to neutralize 100% of the scope three chain of custody.

In Brazil, the importance of carbon neutralization was reinforced by creating the Brazilian System of Commerce of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SECB) and other regulatory initiatives. In this context, Carbon Free Brazil has played a vital role, facilitating the neutralization of CO₂ emissions. Ornare and Carbon Free Brazil exemplify the mutual commitment to promote sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future.

“Ornare’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond tree planting. The company partnered with Carbon Free Brazil in a joint project to reduce carbon emissions. It implemented several sustainability actions, including creating the Local ESG Committee.”, highlights Adeilson Camargo, Maintenance Manager and SMA at Ornare.

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