Ornare and Mulheres Positivas together in celebration of Women’s Month – Ornare


Ornare and Mulheres Positivas together in celebration of Women’s Month

Uniting prominent female voices, Ornare and the Mulheres Positivas platform promoted a meeting of leaders at the brand’s flagship, which exalted the power of women in a vibrant space for the exchange of experiences and reflections.

The initiative, led by Fabi Saad, entrepreneur, and founder of Mulheres Positivas, and Esther Schattan, founding partner of Ornare, brought together important executives from different sectors to address relevant topics such as women’s participation in the labor market, women’s empowerment, gender equality, women’s rights, challenges, achievements, and inspirations.

During the meeting, the hosts shared the stage with guests Luciana Nicola, director of institutional relations and sustainability at Itaú, Ana Lucia Serra, founder and director of Carbono Galeria, Jandaraci Araujo, board member and businesswoman, and Anne Wilians, founder and CEO of the Instituto Nelson Wilians.

Esther Schattan emphasized the purpose of the event by highlighting the success stories and valuing the talent of these female executives, in a corporate world in which women are still a minority in leadership positions. “We know that there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality within companies. Portraying the work developed by them, with the aim of encouraging other women to seek their professional and personal achievements, is a way of showing that it is possible to count on countless success stories in the female universe”, she says.

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