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Ornare features in exclusive events around the world

Ornare’s initiatives in some of the world’s most exciting cities highlight innovation, sophistication, and a lot of inspiration with enriching exchanges from the Americas to the United Arab Emirates.

Miami hosted the Timeless Collection at The Real Deal, an annual meeting that brings together the most influential real estate leaders in South Florida. In addition, Ornare joined the magazine Ocean Drive on a memorable evening dedicated to the launch of the September issue, highlighting Miami’s “Fresh Faces of Fashion.” Another significant event is Art Basel, one of the most relevant art fairs in the world, which took place along the art circuit with the participation of architects and designers gathered by the brand. The Miami showroom invited renowned design and architecture professionals to the opening party and guided tour with Marina Conde in the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection (JCMAC) art gallery. The exhibition was The Rigor of Geometric Shapes. We highlight another event that is part of the annual calendar, the Tastemakers 2023. During the Tastemakers, Ornare honored notable partner interior designers who left a perennial brand in the Miami design community.

The new collection also premiered in Los Angeles during the 8th edition of the West Edge Design Fair 2023. This important fair highlights the latest trends in contemporary design with renowned exhibitors and a dynamic atmosphere.

The Houston showroom hosted the meeting with Nadia Palacios Louterbach and Selena Mackay, celebrating women in design. The event was marked by a relaxing atmosphere with the presence of special guests in a space for discussions on innovative design strategies and sources of creative inspiration.

In Greenwich, the latest events promoted by the brand pointed out the success of Styling Talk Bespoke Rings Cool Cashmere, which attracted customers and friends to the showroom. In partnership with JennAir, Ornare sponsored the Kitchen Design category at IDA, celebrating the excellent moment for the design market in Connecticut. Additionally, Ornare and the Connecticut American Association of Interior Designers (ASID CT) revealed their 2023 collections during a meeting aimed at design professionals.

The amazing Penthouse 111West57St furnished by Ornare in New York hosted the cocktail Holiday Party NY, in collaboration with PatBo. Located amid the impressive 360-degree view of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, highlighting the perfect symmetry of Central Park in the heart of the island, it has led participants to an unforgettable experience, transporting them to the epicenter of the world.

Ornare Dubai hosted the magazine Harper’s Bazaar Interiors to launch their latest Arab world edition in the showroom. Supported by partner companies like Lily Fleur, the event provided an engaging environment and included an exclusive workshop.

Ornare treats each event as unique and promotes them in advance in the showrooms and official channels of the brand. This approach contributes significantly to engagement, showing that the company goes beyond the presence at the most influential events in the industry. It also highlights its relevance through a journey that connects cultures and solidifies the brand as a reference in the broad landscape of global design.


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