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Ornare addresses “Design and Sustainability” at the Week Design Campinas

Ornare is a Master Sponsor of the Week Design and presented the enriching talk “Design and Sustainability” at the event’s Open Day. The stimulating panel addressed critical issues for the future, emphasizing sustainability.

The Week Design Campinas 2023 featured 15 contents involving 21 brands and counted on more than a thousand architecture and interior design professionals from the Campinas and nearby cities. This year’s edition focused on the proactive look to the future, bringing essential issues for the design universe to light. The programming provided a comprehensive experience to participants.

Ornare was featured at the opening of the Week Design Campinas, an event created by Lenin Faria. As part of the Design Open Day program, the talk “Design and Sustainability” brought together influential professionals in the industry, including Esther and Stefan Schattan, representing Ornare, along with Carol Tilkian, columnist for CBN radio and Glamour magazine. Tilkian is a psychoanalyst and researcher for affective relations.

The central theme explored in the panel generated reflections on how the present attitudes shape the future. It is a movement that makes us think about sustainability in all areas of our lives and should be on the radar of architecture and design professionals.

Reflections on the future of design have expanded horizons to new possibilities, forms of production, consumption, and lifestyle, leading to an in-depth analysis of the role of design in promoting sustainability.

Ornare’s participation highlights the commitment to environmental issues and design excellence with an active role in sustainable practices in the present, contributing significantly to the dialogue on a more conscious future.


Photos by William Gongra

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