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DW! Manaus: Design of the Amazon in focus at Ornare

In the vibrant Amazon setting, Ornare promotes a beautiful exhibition in the Manaus’ showroom, gathering four leading names of local designers who cover fashion, accessories, and objects.

During the design week in Manaus, Ornare brought together artists and entrepreneurs famous in the Amazon scene in a conceptual exhibition held in the exclusive brand’s showroom. The event celebrated four notable names of regional design, covering diverse areas such as fashion, accessories, and daily objects. The initiative contributed to the city’s programming, fostering debates, bringing references, and promoting networking and relevant content, both locally and globally, while reflecting the brand’s commitment to boosting design culture in the region.

A careful curatorship work established the link between the concepts shared by the brand and creative professionals Eben Santana, Filettoh Bare, Rita Prossi, and Siodubi Piratapuya, highlighting sophistication, innovation, ancestry, research, and sustainability.

“I was meticulous in selecting each professional and the pieces so that they and the spaces converse in the most harmonious way possible, valuing local brands with a global design vision,” says Marcio Sobiesiak, director of Ornare Manaus.

Guest artists exhibited exclusive pieces during the design week. Their innovative creations developed with local professionals integrated a vast production chain that connected cultural elements, reflecting the region’s authenticity.

Aimi Amazonia

The Amazonian authenticity defines the work of Eben Santana, an Amazonian fashion designer who conceived his brand after profoundly reflecting on the importance of valuing his roots. Eben incorporates a striking influence of classic design in his work, using raw materials from the forest, such as leaves and seeds, to enrich his pieces with authentic elements. As a result, the designer produces delicate works of art as bags and accessories, representing unique and emotional interactions.

Filettoh Bare

Born in Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM) and a member of the Areal Community of the Bare people, raised by a mother from the Curipaco people, Filettoh Bare stands out for handmade production using a technique he learned from his family. As a raw material, the artist uses the aruman. This plain and straight stem cane creates flat and flexible colored surfaces mixed annatto and comati, resulting in lightings, hampers, carpets, jars, and hats, manufactured by himself and his community. Specialized in indigenous baskets, the artist brings resistance and ancestry in his pieces, which have already reached even the catwalks of Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Rita Prossi

A pioneer in using Amazonian nature in creating jewelry, Rita Prossi stands out for her innovative creations that combine tradition and modernity. Her pieces feature a high-quality design that captivates beauty and emotion through an ecologically correct production that values the local workforce. Recognized worldwide, Rita Prossi’s jewels embrace the essence of the beloved Amazon land, resulting from an approach influenced by Amazonian fauna, flora, culture, and myths.

Siodubi Piratapuya

Lightness and fluidity come in contrast to the strength of history that carries the pieces of Siodubi Piratapuya, a member of the Piratapuya people of the Upper Rio Negro, in the Amazon. In his creations, Siodubi expresses the pride of his Indigenous origin and the resistance of Amazonian populations. This energy circulates and embraces Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who share this common space. The brand uses the natural dyeing technique with cassava peel. In addition to being sustainable, the pieces preserve and promote Indigenous culture and contribute to the perpetuation of the methods and technologies produced by ancestral peoples.