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Ornare features at Barbara Ramos’ CasaCor SC 2023 room

The highlights of the “Living Between Ties” space signed by Barbara Ramos Arquitetura include Square Wall’s ultra-thin shelves with the Shaker shelves’ lighting. Simultaneously, Ornare has shown its new showroom in Florianopolis.

CasaCor Santa Catarina | Florianopolis takes place from September 17 to October 29 in the historic facilities of the iconic Hotel Maria do Mar, located in the neighborhood of Joao Paulo, known for its rich cultural heritage.

Ornare features in the “Living Between Ties” space signed by Barbara Ramos Arquitetura. To create the project, Ramos accessed the most remote childhood memories, when she frequently visited her grandparents’ wooden house. By “reimagining this connection in a contemporary environment,” Ramos has redefined the living and dining space from simple lines and organic forms composed of two colors — without leaving comfort and elegance aside. In this environment, flooded by sunlight and with a privileged view of nature, dark wood takes the floor and the walls, and the organic carpet invites contemplation. The black and white palette emphasizes the contrast of other project elements.

The bar offers an extensive support desk, minimalist doors for organization, and ultra-thin Square Wall shelves that defy gravity, providing functionality and a decorative touch. Another highlight is the Shaker shelf lighting, creating a unique atmosphere and setting new standards in shelf design. On the bar built in wood and stone into the wall, the architect points out the visibility of the aerial shelves and not the volume of the cabinetry: “I like to highlight what matters, and when we came up with something more functional, it mimics architecture. The same alternative appears in the niches next to the living room.”


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CasaCor Santa Catarina 2023

From September 17 to October 29, 2023

Hotel Maria do Mar – Rodovia Joao Paulo, 2285 – Joao Paulo, Florianopolis / SC