Ornare shows an exclusive preview of ArtRio 2023 – Ornare


Ornare shows an exclusive preview of ArtRio 2023

During an inspirational meeting at the Carpintaria gallery, Ornare and Marina Conde shared exclusive tips and details about the attractions of the ArtRio 2023 edition

Ornare promoted a preview of ArtRio in partnership with art consultant Marina Conde. She shared exciting details about the exhibition’s main attractions, providing valuable tips to enhance the visitor experience.

ArtRio is a prominent art showcase with the iconic Marina of Gloria as its backdrop. Carried out throughout September, the event offered art lovers the unique opportunity to explore a wide variety of works and meet renowned artists.

The meeting occurred in the prestigious art gallery Carpintaria, close to the famous Rio’s Jardim Botanico. Among the participants were renowned journalists, such as Celina Melo, Kika Gama Lobo, and Alexandre Schnabl, as well as influencers such as Aline Araujo, Cinthia Galvao and Renata Bitencourt, and the talented architects Gisele Taranto, Babi Teixeira, Fernanda Medeiros, Renata Duha and Marcela Martins.

Check out the gallery here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.703770568446504&type=3