Ornare celebrates design excellence with a party for the finalists of the 2023 Casa e Jardim Award – Ornare


Ornare celebrates design excellence with a party for the finalists of the 2023 Casa e Jardim Award

The event gathers leading names in the country’s architecture, interior design, and landscaping. The finalists of this edition and previous years were honored at Ornare’s Flagship, and all the Casa e Jardim Award nominees were also there.

In an exciting and festive climate, Ornare sponsored the prestigious Casa e Jardim magazine annual event in an exclusive lunch. It gathered the nominees for the 2023, 2022, and 2021 editions. The meeting occurred before the award ceremony that took place on September 27.

The Casa e Jardim Award celebrates the talent and creativity of Brazil’s best architecture, interior design, and landscaping professionals, honoring and recognizing the incredible works carried out in these fields. In addition, the event had a special meaning by celebrating the 70 years of the magazine.

The ceremony has 11 categories that highlight several sectors. Five focus on Interior Design (New Look, Attachment, Well Solved, Brazilianness, and Identity), while three highlight architecture (In Balance, In Tune, and In Scale). Two categories are dedicated to landscaping (Refuge and Conviviality), and a particular class is named The Power of Colors.

The winners will be chosen based on the originality, suitability of the project to the category, and quality of the photographic material presented. The award reflects the excellence and diversity of the Brazilian design scene.

At the meeting promoted by Ornare, the finalists had the opportunity to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. It was a moment of socialization and celebration of the talent that drives the design industry in Brazil.


In the gallery below, check out some images of the event.