Ornare features in the high-end real estate market of Joao Pessoa – Ornare


Ornare features in the high-end real estate market of Joao Pessoa

The partnership with Setai Yacht and Setai Vertical Houses sets a new level of sophistication and International Design

The high-end real estate market in Joao Pessoa is experiencing remarkable growth as luxury projects redefine the landscape of the capital of the state of Paraiba. Real estate developers are establishing strategic partnerships with prestigious brands to increase exclusivity and attract a sophisticated audience.

Ornare – an international reference in tailored furniture – and the GP Group have launched Setai Yacht, a real estate enterprise that offers a range of amenities: Areas with sports equipment, reception, concierge, pub music bar, coworking, gym, and laundry, It has a remarkable differential – all these areas were decorated with the brand’s furniture, providing an experience of singular sophistication.

Another development of the GP Group is the Setai Vertical Houses, located in the heart of Tambau Beach. It offers a variety of options, including apartments up to 1,291 ft² (120 m²), signed by the renowned architect Leonardo Maia. The games and party rooms of the enterprise were also decorated with the brand’s furniture.

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