2023 Retrospective as an Inspiring Narrative – Ornare


2023 Retrospective as an Inspiring Narrative

Over the past twelve months, Ornare’s journey had plenty of innovation and achievements, weaving a dynamic trajectory ranging from refining its collections to strategic expansion in new markets.

With a retrospective look at 2023, Ornare celebrates the significant moments that have driven the company toward the future in different spheres:


The last year was full of significant events for Ornare. The company’s presence stood out in various design and architecture shows and in more intimate meetings in the brand’s showrooms around Brazil and the world. We actively participate in such events, sharing the news and providing unique experiences that inspire and strengthen the relationship with the public.

At the DW! Design Week in Sao Paulo, we organized a circuit of innovative lectures on design, exploring the theme “A look at Design: Paths and Perspectives – from Sensory to Digital.” During ExpoRevestir, architects from several Brazilian states and foreign journalists — invited by the Brazilian Association of Furniture Industries (ABMOM) — visited the factory before heading to the fair. Ornare took the theme Body & Home to CasaCor 2023 in five cities, featuring 18 environments designed by renowned architects, from the award-winning ‘Loft Solitude’ in Sao Paulo to the cozy ‘Urban Refuge’ in Cuiaba. Under the theme “Happiness,” we supported the Arfecfacto exhibition with six environments presenting renowned professionals.

We participated in Salone del Mobile in Milan for the fourth time. In the last edition, we presented the new Timeless Collection. With a spectacular view of Milan, Ornare’s event at The Roof Milano gathered 400 great names in architecture, design, influencers, and international press members for the Timeless Collection’s grand launch party.

From the Americas to the United Arab Emirates, Ornare also provided unforgettable experiences, taking its Timeless Collection to New York City, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), and Miami, attending The Real Deal and collaborating with Ocean Drive magazine on the launch of the September issue, highlighting the “Fresh Faces of Fashion.” The participation in Art Basel, with architects and designers, was remarkable. The Houston showroom hosted a meeting celebrating women in design. In partnership with Tania Bulhoes, Ornare Hamptons held a special exhibition week in the showroom with exclusive Tania Bulhoes tableware. In Greenwich, the success of Styling Talk Bespoke Rings Cool Cashmere was evident, as was the partnership with JennAir at IDA. In New York City, Ornare hosted the traditional meeting of the Women of Brazil Group. Led by Luiza Helena Trajano, they met to discuss important issues for the Brazilian community in the US. Also in New York City, the fantastic Penthouse 111West57St, furnished by Ornare Manhattan, hosted the ‘Holiday Party’ NY. Finally, Ornare Dubai launched the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors of Arabia event.


Ornare resonates in the real estate market as a benchmark in exclusivity, synonymous with excellence and sophistication that adds unique value to real state. In 2023, we established essential partnerships and collaborations with the most renowned corporate, hotel, and real estate companies, consolidating Ornare’s position as an unparalleled benchmark. We highlight ventures, such as:

Ornare Model Unit | 15 Hudson Yards – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | The Cortland – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | 111 West 57th Street – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | 200 East 59th Street – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | Maverick – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | The Treadwell – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | Seline – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | 33 Park Row – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | One West End – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | The Greenwood – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | 101 KEY Biscayne – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Fendi Château Residences – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Glass Miami Beach – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Grove at Grant Bay – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Armani Residence – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Château Beach Residences – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Estates At Acqualina – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | 35 Hudson Yards – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | Fasano Quinta Avenida – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | Jardim – USA/NYC

Ornare Model Unit | Louver House – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Park Grove – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Ritz Carlton – Sunny Isles – USA/Miami

Ornare Model Unit | Gio Jardins (Mitre) – Brazil/SP

Ornare Model Unit | Signature (JMF) – Brazil/SP

100% Ornare All Studios | Tonino Lamborghini (Gafisa) – Brazil/SP

100% Ornare All Units | Muse Itaim (Grupo 4M) Brazil/SP

100% Ornare Exclusive Units | Hotel Unique (FORT / BEFIVE) – Brazil/SP

100% Ornare All Units | Hotel Hilton Garden (HK9) – Brazil/SP


In 2023, Ornare established strategic collaborations with selected partners, all aligned in synergy with the company’s values, visions, and objectives. Consentino, Tania Bulhoes, PatBo, Sisley Paris, Kinder Design, and Celina Dias represent a diverse set, and each brings a unique identity to the universe of design, fashion, beauty, and social responsibility in various initiatives.

The presence of Consentino, who specialized in innovative surfaces, represented a lasting partnership. The addition of PatBo’s designer Patricia Bonaldi brought an enriching fashion dimension. Tania Bulhoes’s pieces complemented Ornare furniture, adding a layer of sophistication. Meanwhile, the participation of Sisley Paris – recognized for its excellence in beauty – brought a complementary elegance to the collaboration. The inclusion of Kinder Design and Celina Dias, in support of the Social Decor NGO, also highlighted the importance of social responsibility in co-branding partnerships.


For another year, Ornare opened its factory in Cotia, in the state of Sao Paulo, for a series of visits. Ornare Factory Tour 2023 attracted a significant group, encompassing builders and developers such as Seed, Tishman, Kallas, and Construtora Sao Jose, as well as Brazilian and American architects and future professionals of design and architecture from renowned academic institutions, including FAAP, IED, and Mackenzie. Journalists and influencers who work in the design and communication landscape were also present.

During each full tour, visitors had the opportunity to closely follow the manufacturing and logistics stages at the Ornare industrial complex. It was a real immersion that proudly revealed the dedication and craftsmanship, from the careful selection of materials to the meticulous execution of each piece.


Ornare is committed to adopting ESG best practices with an agenda encompassing the entire production chain, such as selecting materials with certified origin and obtaining essential certifications, such as FSC®, Carbon Free, Trinity Renewable Energies, and Green Building Council Brazil. It also includes the social commitment echoing through initiatives that consolidate the brand as a positive societal force.

Carbon Free Brazil – Environmental Awareness Award

Ornare received the 2023 Environmental Awareness Award from Carbon Free Brazil for its environmental commitment. This prestigious award reflects the immediate impact of sustainable practices and the future-oriented vision that contributes to constructing a more sustainable world.

Trinity Renewable Energy – Clean Energy Certificate

The Clean Energy Certificate was awarded to Ornare due to its 2022 results when Ornare reduced its carbon emissions by 100% from the consumption of 22,255.185 MWh of electricity by acquiring renewable energy from government-encouraged sources. Since the first Clean Energy certification in 2016, Ornare has reduced the emission of CO2 into the environment and contributed to the equivalent of 12,641 planted trees.

Comite de Solidariedade pela Vida NGO

Ornare has consistently collaborated with the Comite de Solidariedade pela Vida, donating scraps of noble materials, such as leather and fabric, which the NGO transforms into sustainable and exclusive gifts. In a virtuous cycle, these gifts are acquired by Ornare, generating income for the communities involved in production. In 2023, Ornare expanded its impact, overcoming the achievements of the previous year by donating more than 2 tons of materials, resulting in the production of 13,342 units of gifts that benefited more than 2,000 families and contributed to social programs while reducing waste at the same time.


Over the past year, Ornare was present in the media, adding endless brand mentions in national media outlets, newsletters, social media accounts, and several international publications. We thank all the media outlets, printed and digital, that highlighted Ornare in their pieces and contributed to its steady success.

Standing out with exclusive materials in the business, lifestyle, and inflight segments, the brand celebrated remarkable moments of the year, such as the presentation of the Timeless Collection at Salone Del Mobile in Milan and international expansion, winning recognition in the most prestigious outlets of the industry. Ornare was also present in the main decoration and design magazines with truly inspiring designs in different styles and colors.

Through the pages of outlets such as Authority Magazine, Identity Magazine, Lux Exposé, California Home+Design, Ornare shows the highlights of 2023:

Authority Magazine:


Identity Magazine:


Lux Exposé:


California Home+Design:



The year 2023 represented a journey of consolidation and recognition for Ornare. In 2024, the prospects are even more promising, brought up by the expansion of the brand in Europe, which includes – among other actions – the launching of the new showroom in Milan and the revitalization of the flagship on Avenida Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, Sao Paulo, presenting its new collections.