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Fathers’ Day: The usability of walk-in closets for men

Men appreciate walk-in closets as a unique environment, bringing style and usability when dressing. Ornare presents endless projects in partnership with the country’s most renowned architects and interior designers.

Projects by David Bastos, Carlos Rossi, Dado Castello Branco, and Joao Armentano stand out as inspiration for the male universe with modern, versatile, practical, and customized walk-in closets, which can be adapted to all styles.

DAVID BASTOS (CasaCor 2017)

Project “About Love” signed by David Bastos, presented at CasaCor 2017. The walk-in closet has a private universe in blue and gold transpiring individuality and elegance. The Wide Line collection was chosen to bring an intimate atmosphere unique to the environment. The Wall System seamlessly interconnects the space with its panels, support profiles, shelves of different shapes, and accessories that allow endless customization. The Crystal Case line is present in cabinets that resemble a display case with delicate transparency in the glass and lightness provided by the aluminum profiles.

CARLOS ROSSI (Casa Brasileira)

Present in the real state development Casa Brasileira of Incorporadora Lucio Engenharia e Omar Maksoud, the project signed by architect Carlos Rossi has a walk-in closet using the Mech line. It provides lightness in its visible structure with glass doors in exclusive shades by Ornare. Sober and minimalist colors leave the inner parts to show, bringing a convenient aspect.


The townhouses of Amsterdam and London inspire the Clock House, signed by architect Dado Castello Branco for CasaCor 2018. Contemporary and practical, it brings a welcoming proposal for people who like art, cuisine, wine, and bonding with nature. In the exclusive bedroom, the Crystal Case cabinet has a Black Silk profile with all the charm of the polished smoked glass. The handles – in the same finishings as the profile – are coated in natural black leather. On the inside, shelves are also covered in Black leather. The panels of the Wall System line come in matte black painting, paired with a crystal mirror, collaborate to integrate space with an extra layer of sophistication.


In this project for CasaCor 2016, architect Joao Armentano explores the theme ‘Living in a fluid environment.’ He interprets the Wide Line collection in an intimate space that integrates the elegant walk-in closet with the bedroom and bathroom. The symbol system of the collection, the Wide System, consists of modular panels, support profiles, furniture, and shelves of different shapes and thicknesses with a wide range of materials, colors, and finishings. A neutral base was composed of metallic profiles and transparent glass to harmonize the environments, creating a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.