Ornare shows its Wire, Ikigai, Shaker, Infinite, Essential, 270º, and Wall System lines in spaces created by architects Fernanda Medeiros, Marcela Martins, Paula Wetzel, and Camila Simbalista.

After another successful season at CasaCor Sao Paulo with seven specially designed rooms, Ornare is now part of the Rio edition of the event. From August 15 to October 15, CasaCor Rio 2023 will occupy the Instituto Brando Barbosa.

“CasaCor Rio is more than an exhibition of architecture and design, but an affective encounter, a creative celebration. We have had the honor to participate in this inspiring journey alongside great professionals for over a quarter of a century. It’s a traditional and consolidated partnership that allowed us to share unforgettable moments with the audience passionate about the world of design”, says Esther Schattan.

Guided by the theme “Body & Home,” Fernanda Medeiros, Marcela Martins, Gisele Taranto, Paula Wetzel, and Camila Simbalista created projects highlighting the importance of affection and care in relations with the body, mind, home, and the planet. This time, it happens in a boutique hotel format, with living rooms, spacious suites, and garden huts.

To celebrate the pre-opening of CasaCor Rio, we welcomed architects, influencers, and journalists for a special reception. The event gathered, among others, Alexandre Schnabl, Aline Araújo, André Ribeiro, Camila Simbalista, Carlos Eduardo de Campos, Celina Melo, Cinthia Galvão, Fabíola Cabral, Fernanda Di Biase, Fernanda Medeiros, Gisele Taranto, Ísis Martins, Joana Nolasco, Karin Gimenes, Lu Lacerda, Marcela Martins, Natalia Hamada, Pablo Beneti, Patricia Mayer, Paula Wetzel, Raquel Fejgiel, Rê Bitencourt, Renata Bitencourt, Ricardo Dale, and Suzete Aché.

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CasaCor Rio de Janeiro 2023

From August 15 to October 15, 2023

Instituto Brando Barbosa – R. Lopes Quintas, 497 – Jardim Botanico.