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Featured projects with Barbiecore inspiration

Barbie’s live-action, theatrical debut has also had repercussions in the universe of Architecture and Design. Connected to the mood of the moment, Ornare recalls striking projects full of charm in shades of pink.

The release of the movie about the most famous doll in the world has been a trending topic in recent weeks.  The Barbiecore trend is wrapped in a vibrant aesthetic with endless possibilities to create bold and unique environments full of personality.

The kitchen project signed by Maria Brasil Arquitetura had the primary goal of uniting functionality, aesthetics, comfort and quality. The classic language of the Paris Line executed in soft tones of pastel pink references past styles in a contemporary reinterpretation.

With a different proposal, this kitchen has a fun atmosphere in an intense pink tone with a glossy finish. The Stripe Line that furnishes the room features straight lines and handles incorporated into the design, which become imperceptible.

Architect David Bastos brought cozy and special shades of pink to this walk-in closet of the Wide Line and Crystal Case collection. The walk-in closet is both beautiful and functional, featuring innovative technology, doors with invisible hinges and internal lighting. The cabinets resemble showcases thanks to the transparency of the glass and the elegance of the aluminum profiles.