Mother’s Day special – a legacy of love and inspiring partnerships – Ornare


Mother’s Day special – a legacy of love and inspiring partnerships

In architecture and design, there is also the family tradition of children following in their parents’ footsteps or working side by side. At Ornare, family connections translate into successful collaborations that span generations and extend to the brand’s partners.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the extraordinary careers of professionals who transcend family ties, combining talents, ideas and dreams to bring incredible projects to life.

Ornare, founded 38 years ago by the Schattan family, now has the active participation of the second generation on the executive board, illustrating this dynamic, which extends to many of the brand’s partners, each sharing equally inspiring stories of collaboration. Get to know some of them:

Marilia and Daniel Veiga | Marília Veiga Interiores

The Marilia Veiga Interiores office, which specializes in high-end projects, stands out for the collaboration between Marilia and her son Daniel Veiga, who act as partners in the company. Daniel plays a key management role in the marketing and administration sectors. The partnership has taken place on a number of projects, such as this one featuring a kitchen with a modern and sophisticated design, highlighted by Ornare’s Paris range. The combination of classic frames and a blue and white palette resulted in an elegant look. Marília applied her expertise in interior design, while Daniel contributed with project management and the most special photographic records.

“I’m a partner in the office and we work together. Day to day is special because our talents complement each other.  Each in their own area, but we exchange opinions with respect and affection,” adds Daniel Veiga.

Flavia Burin and Bruna Moretti | Studio HA

Flávia and Bruna, founding architects of Studio HA, show the power of generational collaboration by presenting the Ateliê da Ceramista at Casacor São Paulo 2023. The 55 m² space was designed for women who love ceramics, featuring Ornare’s Shaker and Linear lines. The partnership resulted in a contemporary reinterpretation of classic design, while maintaining its timelessness.

“Working between mother and daughter is never a lack of topics, it’s always worrying and having a little more fun, it’s building plans while building a family, it’s reading thoughts, always fun and inspiring,” says Bruna Moretti.

Patricia and Felipe Anastassiadis | Anastassiadis Arquitetos

The Anastassiadis Arquitetos office, founded by Patricia, has her son Felipe on the team. In this apartment for a young art-loving couple, mother and son worked in synergy, marking the first residential project they had done together. The project demonstrates the expertise of the duo, who harmonized classic and contemporary style with Ornare’s Paris range, enriching the aesthetics of the environment to create elegant and inviting spaces.

“I really feel very grateful to be part of the Anastassiadis team, and to work with people I admire and respect. From the architects, suppliers, partners and even my mother!” says Felipe Anastassiadis.

Suzy and Carolina Melo – Studio Melo Arquitetura

At Studio Melo, mother and daughter, both in the architecture business, combine Suzy’s experience in prints and decoration with Carolina’s clean eye to create unique projects that reflect the company’s identity. In this country house in Campos do Jordão, designed for a Portuguese family, Ornare’s Paris line combined with printed Portuguese tiles combines elegance and classic details, transforming the environment into a cozy setting with a lot of nostalgia and personality, demonstrating the duo’s sensitivity in valuing stories.

“We’ve always had an eye for the aesthetics of details. And within the office, we don’t have a specific division, but we work in complementarity. Each one doing their best,” concludes Carolina Melo.

Fanny Haim and Michelle Haim – Fanny Haim Atelier

Fanny Haim Atelier, located in Miami, Florida, is the result of a mother-daughter partnership with over 40 years of design experience. Fanny Haim leads the office as President, while Michelle Haim plays the role of Creative Director and Chief Designer. This union translates into major projects for the international market. One example is the transformation of a two-storey penthouse with 360° views, carried out in collaboration with Ornare, highlighting the presence of the brand’s furniture in the closet and office, where functionality and sophistication come together harmoniously.

“It’s a blessing to work alongside my mother, Fanny – my mentor and my muse. We exchange ideas and work very well together. I like to think that we complement each other’s strengths very well and that’s one of the reasons why it works for us, I’m very lucky” says Michelle Haim.

Deby Oizerovici and Gaby Schattan | By Gabs

Mother, daughter and business partners, Deby and Gaby share a love of bringing joy and lightness through their unique handmade sculptures. Together, they unite their creative visions to present a unique experience at the newly opened Flagship Store in Milan. Located in Palazzo Gallarati, in the heart of the prestigious Quadrilatero della Moda, the showroom has been transformed into a stage for artistic expression and design excellence. The works on display, created by Deby and Gaby, add a final touch of inspiration and creativity, harmonizing perfectly in every space.

“We are not halves that complete each other, we are whole that fit together. Our partnership is much more than a union, but a sum of strengths. We have learned to recognize, understand, and admire each other. Each knows where the other shines and we have learned to pass on every bit of the company. We understand the value of each generation and their personalities/lives. We always start our day by asking each other questions and remembering that, above all, our company creates meaningful work that must be experienced from the inside out!” says Gaby Schattan.