Featured Projects of the Month – Ornare


Featured Projects of the Month

Timeless designs with lots of presence, darker tones, and straight lines. From Sao Paulo to Dubai, the two projects featured in April bring elegance and versatility.

Norah Carneiro: The project signed by architect Norah Carneiro brings practicality and elegance. The breadth and full union between the kitchen and the living room make the space cozy and receptive. The project highlights the kitchen with a lot of presence, as showed in navy blue tones, details in gold, and porcelain on the walls that stand out between the deep blue countertops and shelves.

Karla Seara: The project signed by architect Karla Seara in Dubai brings a modern concept. The cabinetry turned the space elegant but kept its timelessness. A versatile kitchen, full of attitude and presence, provides the ideal coziness for the environment and can be easily combined with the other elements of the project.