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#tbt highlighting Ornare at CasaCor

A national reference in architecture and design and a stage to reveal industry talents, CasaCor is part of Ornare’s calendar of events throughout several editions.

Present in the most prominent exhibitions in the sector, Ornare is part of CasaCor’s history. It results from intense work developed with our partners, incorporating high-standard solutions and versatility to the environments. Over the years, we have presented projects that marked the show and are used as a reference by professionals all over Brazil.

We participated in different spaces signed by architects, such as Joao Armentano, Dado Castello Branco, David Bastos, Barbara Dundes, Nildo José, Architects + Co, Lucas Takaoka, Sabrina Salles, Erica Salguero, InTown Arquitetura, Joia Bergamo, Marlon Gama, Mattar Tayar, Mariana Greco, Marina Linhares, and Marlon Gama.

Last year, we were featured in five rooms, and the project “Studio Bereshi” by the then-new talent Barbara Dundes stood out. The room made the cover of “Veja Sao Paulo” magazine, naming Dundes as the creator of the best studio of the show. It’s an environment of 505 ft² marked by traces that mix different coatings and contemporary details on a neutral basis. Ornare composes the space with the Round, Ikigai and Wall System lines to create a true refuge for the inner look. The rounded corners – a striking feature of the Round line – were used in the kitchen and living room beside the Ikigai shelf. The closet Wall System with light wood details brought in the open concept, which perfectly incorporated the integration proposal.

Currently, Ornare features in seven spaces at CasaCor SP, with projects by Cilene Lupi, Flavia Burin and Bruna Moretti (Studio HA), Quintino Facci, Erica Salguero, Caio Bandeira and Tiago Martins (Architects + CO), Adriana Valle and Patricia Carvalho (Migs Arquitetura), and Bianca Da Hora.

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CasaCor Sao Paulo 2023

From May 30 to August 6, 2023

Conjunto Nacional – Avenida Paulista, 2073