Decor on the rise – Ornare


Decor on the rise

The brand is present exclusively among the most important projects of builders and developers to indicate the high standard of the whole enterprise

Ornare develops long-lasting partnerships with renowned companies in the international real estate market. In this edition, we highlight João Armentano’s exclusive project for the launch of Eztec with Adolpho Lindenberg: the Lindenberg Ibirapuera enterprise.

At a very prestigious address in the city, near the Ibirapuera Park, the decorated room features both smart and timeless furniture as well as natural elements in a space full of elegance, privacy and comfort – an international icon in São Paulo.

Ornare is present in the main regions of the city of São Paulo with decorated rooms that are real masterpieces. Visits may currently be scheduled at the following sites: Praça Lindenberg; Casa Brasileira; Plaza de Madrid; Parque Global; Ibaté; Esquina Jardyn; Urmam SP; Hotel Glória in Rio de Janeiro; The Mark; Fibra 180; Alfa Realty; Biotique and Prado Paulista.

Here is a list of the builders and developers corresponding to each of the projects mentioned above and their respective addresses:

Lindenberg Ibirapuera – Incorporadora Adolpho Lindenberg e EZTEC – Rua Achilles Masetti, 10 – Paraíso
Praça Lindenberg – Incorporadora Adolpho Lindenberg – Rua Clodomiro Amazonas, 521- Itaim bibi
Casa Brasileira – Incorporadora Lucio Engenharia e Omar Maksoud – Rua Jorge Coelho,147 – Jd. Paulistano
Plaza de Madrid – Construtora Hernandez – Rua Aguapei, 750 – Tatuapé
Parque Global – Construtora Benx – Marginal Pinheiros, 14500 – Chácara Itaim
Esquina Jardyn – Construtora Yuni – Al. Franca,1166 – Jd. Paulista
Urmam SP – Construtora Porte – Av. Alcantrara Machado, 4456 – Quarta Parada
Hotel Glória no Rio de Janeiro – Construtora Opportunity – Rua Do Russel, 632 – Glória – RJ
The Mark – Construtora Plaenge – Rua Maria Monteiro,1652 – Campinas
i180 Ibirapuera – Incorporadora Fibra Experts – Rua Do Livramento, 83 – Vila Mariana
Alfa Realty – Construtora Alfa Realty – Rua Alagoas, 651- Higienópolis
Biotique – Construtora Setin – Rua Manoel Da Nóbrega, 778 – Paraíso
Prado Paulista – Construtora Setin – Rua Pamplona, 112 – Jardim Paulista