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Ornare reduces carbon emissions

Ornare is dedicated to adopting ESG best practices in the entire production chain and proud of the environmental certifications it has already received – Trinity Renewable Energies, FSC®– Forest Stewardship Council, Carbon Free, and Green Building Council Brazil.

The concern with the business impacts on the environment and society has guided Ornare’s strategy. It has been present in the company’s values since the beginning of operations 37 years ago – a commitment that applies to all employees, partners, and suppliers.

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in global demand for products from sustainable sources. Consumers are more aware and concerned about the origin of the products they use and consume and the environmental impact generated in their production. In this sense, environmental certifications have become an essential competitive differential for the products, opening doors in the most demanding markets with greater added value.

They bring confidence to actions focused on the environment and society. By adopting sustainable practices and being granted recognized certifications, we reduce environmental impact, preserve natural resources, and contribute to maintaining biodiversity and fairer and safer working conditions.

Recently, Trinity Renewable Energies presented its Clean Energy 2022 results. Murillo Schattan, founding partner and CEO of Ornare, received the certificate from Joao Sanches, CEO of Trinity Renewable Energies. The firm recognizes that Ornare reduced 100% of carbon emissions from electricity consumption in the production process. It was possible by acquiring renewable energy from sources encouraged by the government, such as wind, solar, biomass, small hydroelectric power plants (PCH), and hydroelectric power plants (CGH).

Since the first Clean Energy certification in 2016, Ornare has reduced the emission of CO2 into the environment and contributed to the equivalent of 12,641 planted trees. “We are committed to fulfilling our role in the global effort to combat environmental degradation, building a more sustainable, prosperous, and socially fair future for future generations.”