Ornare is present at CasaCor Rio de Janeiro 2023 – Ornare


Ornare is present at CasaCor Rio de Janeiro 2023

The edition of this year present the theme “Corpo & Morada” emphasizes the importance of affection and care for the body, mind, and the planet. Ornare presente the lines Wire, Ikigai, Shaker, Infinite, Essential, 270º and Wall System, in spaces created by architects Fernanda Medeiros, Marcela Martins, Paula Wetzel, and Camila Simbalista.

The show occurs from August 15 to October 15 at Instituto Brando Barbosa Institute. This time, it happens in a boutique hotel format, with living rooms, spacious suites, and garden huts.

Quarto 021 | Paula Wetzel and Camila Simbalista

Room 11

The “Bedroom 021,” signed by architects Paula Wetzel and Camila Simbalista from Studio 021, presents a design with a Carioca DNA adaptable to city projects, on the mountains, or at the seaside. The exhibition’s theme is translated into the room, reimagining the concept of a hotel room and abandoning impersonality to bet on the relationship of the human being with internal and external environments. The coating of the walls with large panels in natural wood strengthens this welcome feeling, bringing a more intimate and cozy space. The Ornare lines used in this environment are Wall System, Closet 270°, with a crystal mirror and metallic platinum profile. The Infinity Line for the Passage Door and the Shaker Bar Line brings a natural Flamed Roveri blade, platinum metallic profile, and gold hook.

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Sala de Banho | Fernanda Medeiros

Room 10

The “Bath Room,” signed by Fernanda Medeiros, is a space focused on the well-being of the body and soul, where elements of the past mingle with those of the present. The references are from design hotels from Brazil and Europe, where interventions in the previous architectural design cohabit with contemporary elements in perfect balance. The colors were chosen carefully: Blue to bring the coziness in contrast to the terracotta, which refers to shades of nature that bring a joyful air, necessary in the present times. The sea and elements of the beach highlight the Carioca soul and their way of living. The lines used in this environment are the Ikigai Line, with finishings in platinum metallic paintings and natural wood Flamed Roveri panels; Ikigai Doors Line. with rice paper glass and platinum metallic finish; Wall System Line, with a Vanity dressing table, natural blade made of Flamed Roveri wood, and natural breeze leathers; and Wire Line, in the platinum metal bath drawer and the shelf in natural blade finish of Flamed Roveri wood, dune straw dune, and the Ikigai handle.

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Cooking to Go | Marcela Martins

Room 32

The COOKING TO GO store, signed by architect Marcela Martins, is located inside the Restaurant Terrazza and designed to have an atmosphere reminiscent of a chef’s office studio. The open-air atmosphere has been transformed into one of the restaurants of the charming boutique hotel, where visitors to the show can acquire a variety of takeaway delights. The 1,463 ft² outdoor area has tables for the restaurant’s clients and a socialization space to remind visitors of their grandmother’s yard full of affectionate memories. Ornare furniture – made with Freijo wood, straw, gray lacquer, and translucent glass in the Essential and Shaker lines – shaped the architect’s design.

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Suíte Presidencial | Gisele Taranto

Room 13

The “Presidential suite of CASACOR Rio 2023”, signed by architect Gisele Taranto, is a project that seeks to promote mental health care, developed from research with health professionals and artificial intelligence. According to the original organization, the Presidential Suite has five rooms: entrance hall, bathroom, anteroom, bedroom, and balcony. A small passageway to the attached environment was occupied with a walk-in’s luxurious closet of Ornare, contrasting with the original old pieces. The project preserves the original elements of the historical building and its collection.

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CasaCor Rio de Janeiro 2023

August 15th to October 15th, 2023

Instituto Brando Barbosa – Rua Lopes Quintas, 497 – Jardim Botânico / Rio de Janeiro