Celebrating 37 years of brand and dedication – Ornare


Celebrating 37 years of brand and dedication

Ornare: the name comes from Italian. ‘Ornar’ in the Italian dictionary means ‘To decorate’. Today, Ornare translates the values of an international luxury brand, with high-end bespoke furniture and the prestige earned through solid international expansion.

Founded on August 27, 1986 by visionaries Murillo and Esther Schattan, Ornare was born with the legacy of shaping and interpreting design in the intimacy of spaces. It’s been 37 years of a journey of people, for people, always attentive to the design and execution of exclusive and sophisticated products.

Ornare is a family-run company, managed by the founders and their second generation. Fathers and sons work together both in the management of the business and in the process of constant innovation at the company, which maintains the tradition of creating with renowned architects and designers, in addition to Studio Ornare.

Preserving the pillar of customization, the management and employees believe in the importance of products of quality and with worldwide recognition from the leading names in architecture and design. The pieces are produced and pre-assembled in Brazil, and all of their products originate from the plant located in Cotia – SP and are shipped to the most diverse locations, both inside and outside the country. There are 16 flagship stores in Brazil located in the main capitals, other eight addresses in the United States, including New York, Miami and Los Angeles, and a brand new flagship store in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

With a track record of dedication, commitment and excellence, Ornare continues to innovate with sustainable initiatives and design, all of which make the brand a benchmark in Brazil, the United States and Dubai. We understand that the secret to success lies in our ability to innovate, reinvent ourselves and adapt to market changes. With that in mind, we move forward with great gratitude and motivation, to build an even more special future.