Ornare in the enchanted universe of Nina Pandolfo – Ornare


Ornare in the enchanted universe of Nina Pandolfo

The brand promoted a guided tour of the artist’s ‘Suplementos’ exhibition at Zipper Galeria.

Fostering art through partnerships with artists is a traditional action by Ornare and brings cultural value to its DNA.

An example of this partnership is the work with acclaimed artist Nina Pandolfo, who is internationally known for using her creativity to bring new meaning to graffiti and street art. The playful touch comes from the female figures with huge eyes, delicate features, and romantic elements in an explosion of colors that make each work unique.

Pandolfo had already shown her talent for the exhibition and auction “Make up your Heart,” a charitable action carried out by Ornare in support of ARCAH, an association that aims to reintegrate homeless people. More recently, during the event promoted by Ornare in the exhibition “Suplementos,” the artist shared curious facts about her creation process. The exhibition is open until December 20 at Zipper Galeria in Sao Paulo. The initiative gave architects and decoration professionals a better understanding of Nina Pandolfo’s universe, including her insertion in the digital area.

The presence of the guests highlighted the relevance of the event. They included journalist Adriana Colin, model and presenter Laura Wie, and architects Andrezza Alencar, Paula Neder, Georgia Albuquerque, Tota Penteado, Elise Penedo, Thaisa Camargo, and Jacqueline Diniz, among others.


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