Ornare features in two leading exhibitions in Cuiaba – Ornare


Ornare features in two leading exhibitions in Cuiaba

A highlight at CasaCor 2023 and the Artefacto exhibition in the city, Ornare’s high-standard furniture appears in environments signed by Carolina Fagundes, Danielle Lucialdo, Caroline Patricio, and Erika Queiroz.

The Round, Shaker, Paris, and Wall System lines were fundamental pieces in In the composition of the environments. The lines allow the creation of spaces marked by style, sophistication, and functionality.

CasaCor: Urban Refuge – Refugio Urbano| Carolina Fagundes

The brand’s furniture played a key role in Carolina Fagundes’s “Urban Refuge” environment, with design elements chosen to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. The Round kitchen island interacts with the classic Shaker cabinets, bringing elegance to the project. The Flamed Roveri wood veneer’s unique texture adds a natural fluidity and a sense of unity. The space was designed to celebrate the harmony between nature and innovation, offering a safe and serene place in the city’s heart. According to Fagundes, “‘Urban Refuge’ is a perfect symphony between organic elegance and cutting-edge technology.”

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.757174919772735&type=3

CasaCor: Fernando Perez Master Suite | Danielle Lucialdo

In Danielle Lucialdo’s “Fernando Perez Master Suite,” the details and quality of Ornare cabinetry added a touch of personality. The Crystal Case line and its full transparency feature integrate the bathroom into the bedroom with sunlight. In the walk-in closet, the shining Manhattan line blends the spaces with style and personality. The project invites you to rest and make contact with nature without leaving aside elegance and coziness. Lucialdo defined the environment as “a space where couples can enjoy each other’s company in a cozy setting, packed with melodies.”

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.757176813105879&type=3

Artefacto Exhibition: Service – Atendimento| Caroline Patricio

In the “Service” space by Caroline Patricio Arquitetura e Interiores, the Wall System and Shaker lines complement the pleasant and cozy decor brought by natural elements – such as wood and stone – that refer to seawater. Happiness is the inspiration, found in the most elementary details, such as the sunrise on a new page in the book of life.

Artefacto Exhibition: Master Suite | Erika Queiroz

The loft designed by architect Erika Queiroz is a space that overflows with coziness and sophistication. In the Master Suite, the emblematic walk-in closet of the Paris line has a classic touch, elevating the aesthetics of the environment and conveying an aura of hospitality and elegance. The suite’s hall establishes the smooth transition between spaces, highlighting the Shaker panel as the central point. The panel incorporates functionality and style with shelves, hooks, and trays, perfect for displaying objects and collectibles.


CasaCor Mato Grosso

From October 24 to December 10, 2023

Hotel Cuiaba Gold – Rua Bosque da Saude, 81 – Bosque da Saude, Cuiaba


Artefacto Exhibition Mato Grosso

From October 29

Artefacto Store – Av. Jose Rodrigues do Prado, 60 – Santa Rosa, Cuiaba