Social Responsibility and Sustainability – Ornare


Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Present in DNA of the company, these topics are part of several actions promoted for a better future for people and the environment.

Since a time when ESG was not talked about, our vision has always been focused on the preservation of natural resources. We recycle leftover wood, leather and chemical waste generated in our factory. Discover some of our sustainable collaborations:

Empresa Amiga: We are ambassadors of the Empresa Amiga’s program which aims to restore the Atlantic Forest in the Rio Doce Basin – in this action we donate the equivalent of 150 trees per month, totaling 1,800 trees per year.

ONG Comite de Solidariedade pela Vida: Finishing leftovers, such as leather and fabric, are separated and sent to an NGO dedicated to social programs for the production of sustainable products. Currently, the CSV assists around 2,000 families. Families receive health care, food and education. In 2022 we donated 1.5 tons of materials, more than 1,800 people served through the resources we offer.

MakeUp Your Heart: The initiative brings together renowned artists, architects and stylists who lend their talent in the creation of works of art in the shape of a heart. and jobs and through auctioned pieces, we raised funds for NGO programs with vulnerable populations.