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Ornare presents the decorated apartment Signature Alphaville

In partnership with the developer JMF, the most prestigious project in Alphagran offers suspended residences ranging from 365m² to 633m² with stunning views amidst preserved forest.

The developer JMF and Ornare have combined their expertise for a project that represents the pinnacle of sophistication in terms of design, comfort, and lifestyle. Signature Alphaville stands out for the exclusivity of its 360m² area, decorated with custom-made furniture by Ornare.

The partnership, spanning over two decades, between these brands transcends through the use of the finest materials, innovative technologies, and trends. The decorated space features integrated areas with very special finishes. There is a clear, fluid connection to the social area and the kitchen, fully furnished with the Round line, showcasing both spaciousness and sophistication. A smooth transition to the suites is marked by the functional elegance of the Wall System shelving unit. The master suite, featuring the Crystal Case line, presents an elegant display case offering multiple customization possibilities in harmony with the room’s decor.

Located in Alphagran, the best plot in Alphaville, Signature Alphaville offers 38 suspended residences of 365m², a garden unit of 532m², and a penthouse of 633m², all designed to provide a connection with the horizon, an immersion in nature, and stunning views. The combination of the grand atmosphere of a house with the privacy of an apartment makes this project a new way of living.

Visit the decorated apartment at Al. Manhattan, 193 – Alphagran, Barueri – SP, 06473-105.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/ad3T6BSrmao