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Ornare presents Art All Around project

Design and art come together at the flagship store in São Paulo. In partnership with Marina Conde, the new action has transformed the brand’s showroom into a living art gallery with works by various galleries and artists from Brazil and other countries.

Ornare welcomed guests to the Alameda Gabriel Monteiro showroom for its new “Art All Around” project. The initiative, in partnership with art specialist Marina Conde, was the highlight of the inauguration of the brand’s first flagship store in Europe, during design week in Milan, Italy. The action transformed the showroom into a living art gallery, exhibiting works by Brazilian and international artists.  The exhibition will run until May 2025, combining the excellence of furniture design with artistic expression.

During the event, artists and gallery owners were able to appreciate the works on display in the showroom. Among those present were Ian Duarte, director of Galeria Verve; Vilma Eid, gallery owner, and Higo José, artist, both from Galeria Estação; Mercedes Abad, gallery owner who contributed the work “Três olhos” by Spanish artist José Luis Puche; Camila Yunes Guarita de Mesquita, art curator; Carolina Helena Carreteiro, artist; and architects Barbara Dundes, Cacau Ribeiro, Bianka Mugnatto and Mariana Muraoka. Other important names in design and the high-end market were also present, such as Debora Oizerovici, co-founder of the By Gabs brand; Marcelo Araújo, a specialist in luxury real estate; and Taiza Krueder, CEO of Clara Resort.

The showroom on Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva is home to works by renowned artists from Brazil and other countries.

About the galleries present:

Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel is showing works by Anderson Borba, Barrão and Erika Verzutti, highlighting their sculptures. The gallery also features sculptures and watercolors by Iran do Espírito Santo and José Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva. Leda Catunda is present with delicate watercolors, while Rodrigo Cass presents his paintings in concrete and gouache.

Galeria Millan presents sculptures and art made from sawdust, wood and glass by the artist José Bento. Cassio Michalany contributes his object paintings in acrylic enamel on wood. Lidia Lisbôa presents ceramic and porcelain sculptures, as well as ink drawings. Emmanuel Nassar surprises with his oil and acrylic paintings.

Galeria Estação is exhibiting the sculptures of João Francisco da Silva, Cícero Alves dos Santos “Véio”, Júlio Villani and Higo José, who also contributes his paintings on paper and oil on canvas. The gallery has launched a curatorial program aimed at a community of artistic voices, creating bridges between emerging contemporary artists and self-taught pioneers. The program showcases Brazilian artists from diverse backgrounds and educational backgrounds.

Galeria Verve represents young artists who freely dialog between painting, performance, drawing, photography, sculpture and printmaking. Gustavo Rezende enriches the project with an electrostatic painting on bronze, entitled “Maxwell Seated”; Moisés Patricio with concrete and ceramic sculptures from the “Brasilidades” series; and works from the “Amarração” series, made from cardboard and thread by Mauro Piva.

Represented by Mercedes Abad Art Consulting, Spanish artist José Luis Puche presents “Três olhos”, a painting inspired by feminine intuition, made in charcoal, oil pastel and pencil. In it, Brazil’s cultural heritage and diversity are expressed by the figure of a woman wearing indigenous clothing, who emerges evoking the idea of struggle and victory.

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The works of art are on display at the brand’s flagship for a limited time.

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