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Ornare’s Greenwich Anniversary

Ornare’s Greenwich complete anniversary and the brand responsible at Connecticut celebrates the showroom’s success.

Led by Stefan Schattan and Mylene Del Nero, the one-year-old Greenwich unit plays an important role in the brand’s growth on American soil. Full of history, culture, wealthy Greenwich is one of the oldest cities in Connecticut and is ranked among the best places to live in this part of the country.

Mylene Del Nero says: “In May 2023, we celebrated the first anniversary of the Ornare Greenwich Showroom. During this period, I had the pleasure of meeting great architecture, design, and construction professionals. They developed different projects for their clients, each with unique preferences and objectives concerning their needs and expectations of the high-standard products offered by the company. So, the main word that comes to mind in this moment of celebration is GRATITUDE for all the achievements and lessons learned so far in this charming and refined region!”,

The showroom in Greenwich offers specialized and personalized service, presenting the latest Ornare collections. In the exclusive space of the brand, customers can learn about the sophisticated Shaker line, inspired by the community that lived in Northwest England in the 18th century, and the Round line, inspired by the golden ratio, with soft curves conveying the message of a lighter lifestyle. The company has also developed new possibilities for projects in 3D visible in applications and virtual reality glasses so that customers and business partners can preview the projects.

Ornare is expanding its brand abroad, with a strong presence in the US through eight showrooms: New York Manhattan, New York Brooklyn, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Hamptons, and Greenwich. Moreover, the company is already in the Middle East, with a showroom in Dubai, and is preparing to open a new address in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.