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Featured international projects

From New York City to Dubai, the world’s main cities host residential projects embodying Ornare’s high-end furniture to create truly stunning spaces.

In settings where every detail is carefully planned to evoke excellence, Ornare stands out with its exclusive collections and solutions for different styles in spaces that inspire, welcome, and elevate the level of sophistication and beauty: whether from the majestic views of New York City to the serene beaches of the Hamptons; from the contemporary styles of Los Angeles to the extravagance of Dubai and the grandeur of Dallas.

Penthouse at 33 Park Row – NYC | Designer The Cappiello Team

In the cosmopolitan New York City, the fusion of architectural styles reflects the city’s diversity and innovation, using the urban elegance of penthouses to inspire majestic projects. The Stilo Collection features – cover with a sophisticated natural wood veneer, providing the appearance of unity to the integrated kitchen cabinet, which also uses the Wall System through the shelves distributed along the length of all double height.

The contemporary style of Los Angeles appears in this versatile kitchen using the Stripe Collection, characterized by straight lines and handles incorporated into the design – imperceptible in the minimalist design and neutral color palettes. It is a perfect integration of natural elements, which combine harmoniously with the California style.

In the Hamptons, beachfront vacation homes embrace a style that evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The Stilo line of the project is a tribute to elegance, which symbolized by its elongated handles with plated details fulfill the role of a true jewel. The aesthetics are rounded off by the use of natural wood veneer in light tones in the airy environment and coastal aesthetic, making this idyllic setting a perfect refuge.

The southern glamor of Dallas present in its sumptuous mansions reflects the region’s historical richness, bringing exuberance and grandeur to the projects. This is what you see in this closet from the Stilo Collection, which take advantage of the transparency of the glass and the lightness of the aluminum profiles associated with the shelves with coupled lighting. The space includes the Wall System in the horizontal closet with shelves and racks for pieces on display, as well as drawers.

In Dubai, the Manhattan Collection was chosen to divide the spaces between living room and bedroom in the couple’s spacious master suite. Presented on the beautiful bookshelf, panel and headboards, the pieces bring the warmth of wood veneer and the striking presence of a gold metal structure – framing the doors as the main aesthetic element. The geometric design of the doors – the signature of the line – is the result of the insertion of metallic fillets, slightly protruding in relation to the surface.