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Children’s Day Special with charming designs for kids

The children’s bedroom should be a safe, welcoming, and pleasant environment, where the little ones can recharge their energy, without leaving elegance and sophistication aside.

Closet with a showcase-like look and illuminated shelves for the children’s suite or even an island with drawers covered with natural leather for the babies, some of the details that enchant in the projects of architects Lilian Coelho, Fernanda Marques, and Ariane Name in collaboration with Ornare design, bringing a creativity touch and magic that will be remembered fondly.

Lilian Coelho Project | Girl’s Suite (Infinity Alphaville Model Unity – JMF)

Lilian Coelho bet on the delicacy of the glass transparency and the aluminum profiles lightness of the Crystal Case collection, shelves with coupled lighting from Wall System in the Infinity Alphaville model unity, project of the JMF Construtora e Incorporadora. Together they offer a showcase look for the girls’ suite.

Fernanda Marques Project | Girl’s Suite (Moema by Yoo Model Unity – Cyrela)

The architect designed an alternative for children’s room, for both girls and boys. The closet has an exterior finish in transparent glass, Orchis doors which offer a minimalist and timeless design with a metallic finish in Rose Gold or Iron. The handles are from Stilo collection in brushed nickel. The Wall System includes panels and shelves with recessed LED lighting in girl’s version.

Ariane Name | Baby’s Suite

In the case of this baby bedroom, the architect Ariane Name chose the Little Luxury Island, a versatile and themed of a closet. The island features drawers covered with natural leather and finishes in Rose Gold and Brushed Gold metallic paint.