CASACOR 2023 – Ornare



Projects signed by great architecture names express comfort, creativity, unusual use of spaces, and aesthetic rigor.

Present in the most prominent architecture and decoration fairs and exhibitions, Ornare will be at CASACOR Sao Paulo 2023 with seven different spaces and projects signed by architects Flavia Burin, Architects + CO (Caio Bandeira and Tiago Martins), Érica Salguero, Migs Arquitetura (Adriana Vale and Patricia Carvalho), Bianca da Hora, and Quintino Facci.

The show occurs from May 30 to August 6, 2023, at Conjunto Nacional, on Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo. The theme “Body & Home” concerns affection and care permeating our relations with our bodies, minds, other people, homes, consumption, the city, and the planet.

CASACOR Sao Paulo is the most comprehensive exhibition of architecture, landscaping, and interior design in the Americas. CASACOR Sao Paulo will take the mezzanine and the open terrace of the Conjunto Nacional with a new setting for visitors, who will be able to know even more closely the architecture of this iconic building.