CASACOR 2024: Ornare presents six spaces with exclusive lines – Ornare


CASACOR 2024: Ornare presents six spaces with exclusive lines

The brand can be found in different environments designed by big names in architecture and design who seek to express creativity, functionality and aesthetics. The spaces reflect on ancestry, the present and the constant transformations of today, inspired by the theme “De Presente, o Agora”.

Ornare is present at the 37th edition of CASACOR São Paulo, which takes place from May 21 to July 28 at Conjunto Nacional on Paulista Avenue.

In this edition, Ornare is present in six spaces designed by renowned architects and designers – AD|VP Arquitetura, Barbara Dundes, Cacau Ribeiro, David Bastos, Laura Rocha and Rafa Zampini. The spaces reflect the central theme of the show, “De Presente, O Agora”, exploring concepts such as ancestry, the fast pace of modern life and the influence of artificial intelligence today. The aim is, through the projects, to reflect on how we live in the present and see the future, seeking to understand what legacy will be left to the next generations.

Among the Ornare furniture on display, the Timeless Collection, one of the protagonists of the recently opened flagship store in Milan, stands out for its timeless design and use of noble materials such as solid wood. The collection is present in the spaces with the Kitchen, Closet and Bookshelves lines, marking its first exhibition at an architecture show after its launch.

In addition to other successful collections such as Infinite, Round, Shaker, Wall System, Stone, Ikigai, Linear, Essential, Paris, Slatted and Sky.

See the rooms:

“Estúdio Refúgio de Memórias” – AD|VP Arquitetura

The 88m² studio was created to be a real scene of memories, where every detail brings a sense of welcome and connection with the past. Architects Andressa Danielli and Vanessa Pasqual, from AD|VP Arquitetura, present a versatile space that houses a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen stands out for its island with its rounded corners from the Round line that add elegance to the room, while the doors with the Shaker line, in matt wood, and the Sky cooker, with transparent glass, bring lightness, versatility and functionality, resulting in a clean and timeless look. The Timeless Bookshelves, with a bar module and panels from the Slatted line, also in matt wood, complement the décor with sophistication and practicality, creating a harmonious environment full of stories.

“Casa TAO” – Barbara Dundes

The “Casa TAO” space, designed by architect Barbara Dundes, is inspired by Taoism, a Chinese philosophical tradition, which gives the space its name. The concept aims to highlight and understand the universe, nature and the constancy of its cycles of transformation. With 60m², the project includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. In the gourmet area, solid wood from the Timeless Collection forms ventilated shelves that stand out, creating a timeless and welcoming environment, complemented by the Round, Linear and Wall System collections that combine functionality and natural beauty. The washroom features bars from the Shaker line with a metallic profile and personalization in natural leather, giving the space a touch of sophistication. The shelves from the Ikigai line, which combine essentiality with the technological innovation of Asian culture, reinforce the project’s aim of integrating artisanal and contemporary techniques in a harmonious way.

“Nosso Próprio Tempo” – Cacau Ribeiro

The project, signed by interior designer Cacau Ribeiro, emphasizes the importance of the present moment, inviting us to enjoy life’s little pleasures and creating lasting memories. The 120m² space features a range of Ornare furniture, and the closets are part of the “Timeless Collection”, which stands out for its use of certified solid wood and manufacturing. The aesthetic effect of light and shadow generated by the gentle rhythm of the vertical brises is enchanting in three variations: ventilated, partial ventilated and smooth with solid fillets. The loft was furnished with the Infinite line, which envelops the space as a continuous environment, its delicate striped panels visually unifying the space, creating a functional and aesthetically appealing whole.

O Living – David Bastos

The “O Living”, designed by architect David Bastos, celebrates the human connection through its ancestry in its 173m². The cabinets from Ornare’s Essential line, present in both the bar island and the kitchen, reinforce the minimalism of the space with their straight and harmonious lines, as well as providing functionality and ergonomics to the environment.

Living Piano – Laura Rocha

Casa Cosentino’s “Living Piano” is a 156m² space, designed by architect Laura Rocha, which brings together art and music, seeking a connection with the present to celebrate life in all its fullness. All the joinery in the kitchen, bar and bookcases was made by Ornare. In the kitchen, the Shaker and Essential lines complement each other, giving the room an air of sophistication and elegance. In the TV room, Timeless Bookshelves and the Wall System panel offer storage and decoration solutions. The architect emphasizes that the choice of Ornare was guided by the brand’s commitment to sustainability, a value that permeates the entire production process, from the selection of raw materials to the conscious management of waste and leftover materials. An inspiring environment that leaves a legacy of beauty and sustainability for future generations.

Bar ADORADO – Rafa Zampini

The “Bar ADORADO”, designed by architect Rafa Zampini, is a speakeasy project that seeks to rethink luxury by adopting the “timeless” concept, providing a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As visitors cross the lounge at the reception, they are prepared to uncover a secret bar of approximately 120m², where the Timeless Collection stands out in an illuminated niche. On the counter, the Paris collection is featured in a sophisticated gold metallic paint job, while the Ikigai and Essential lines with Linear handles adorn the bar shelf, complementing the space’s elegant and inviting aesthetic.