Autumn inspiration colors our showrooms – Ornare


Autumn inspiration colors our showrooms

Autumn has arrived at Ornare. The summer seagulls flew across the Atlantic, and the aerial installations with natural sycamore leaves with acrylic have come to bring color and warmth to all national showrooms.

Biophilia is all around Chris Ayrosa’s set-up for autumn decoration, surrounding the clean design inspired by nature in all showrooms. The setting permeates the environment, and the autumn climate brings an intrinsic beauty to the spaces.

We want to warm the environment through the earthy and orange tones of autumn. Acrylic sheets with intense colors merge with the natural dry leaves. A pleasant air arises thanks to the reflection of light, bringing the feeling of nature that flows, contrasting with the contemporary design of the furniture.

Soon the seagulls that were part of the summer scenario in Brazil will arrive at showrooms in the Northern Hemisphere. Just as they do in nature.