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Complementary Furniture

ikigai – bookshelf

With the essence of the Ikigai line, the structure of this bookcase maintains a minimalist design. The vertical profiles can be enriched with countless materials, such as paint, wood veneer, high quality laminates or leather, while the shelves have an integrated led light and can be closed by sliding wooden panels. Distinguished by its lightness, it is an elegant storage solution for any area of the home. By Ricardo Bello Dias + Studio Ornare.

little luxuries

The same Ikigai cabinet system also defines a set of small themed cabinets, called Little Luxuries. These elegant showcases can function as independent pieces or as part of a cabinet composition. Its versatility allows different uses, such as a minibar, workstation, dressing table or many others. Little Luxuries have integrated light on the shelves and doors equipped to display your most precious objects. By Ricardo Bello Dias + Studio Ornare.

mech – office

Mech – mechanical – is a line with an especially light appearance. Its visible structure assumes the main role, like a skeleton, and can produce a wide range of modular elements characterized by its cube-shaped joints. The system is shown in the best way with the sides open, but the glass doors are also a perfect match for this line and its lightness. By Studio Ornare.

shaker – wall bar

In an exceedingly essential way, the Shaker community used to hang everyday objects on the walls. This is the inspiration for our equipped bar system, which represents the most playful – yet functional – aspect of the Shaker line. The bar is compatible with all spaces in the house, as it supports shelves, containers and hooks, and can also be completed with hanging tubes or mirrors. By Ricardo Bello Dias + Studio Ornare.

shaker – bench

A bench with a robust wooden seat, combined with the characteristic feet of the Shaker line. Those light feet that, mixing a metallic border with a wood inlay, resemble the doorframes of this line. It is, thus, the perfect complement to the Shaker kitchen, but also to other spaces in the house. Available with or no backrest. By Ricardo Bello Dias + Studio Ornare.

vanity island

A partitioning system for drawers, capable of organizing accessories. Designed to fit perfectly in Ornare drawers, the line consists of a series of removable trays designed to store glasses, belts, rings, ties, jewelry, gloves and all kinds of valuable objects or accessories that you would like to store in your closet. By Ricardo Bello Dias + Studio Ornare.

crystal case – storage

The cabinet with the appearance of a showcase, transparency of the glass and the lightness of the aluminum profiles, has door technology without visible hinges, with glass or hollow flanks, and internal lighting attached to the shelves. Developed for any environment, whether as a beautiful closet, silverware or a sophisticated bookcase, the Crystal Case line adds versatility, modernity and innovation to the new Wide Line collection. By Studio Ornare.

supplementary pieces

It is a line of shelves for clothes. The creative inspiration came from the works of the artist and sculptor Sergio Camargo, who used wooden cylinders in his works. The idea was to make turned parts like his own, with simple accessories but yet transmitting sophistication. By Zanini De Zanine.