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Molecular gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is the delicate science that studies the chemical and physical processes related to cooking. It studies the mechanisms involved in the transformation of the ingredients in cooking and investigates the social, artistic and technical culinary and gastronomy (from a scientific point of view).

Fast Food

Fast Food, refers to meals prepared quickly. In modern societies, where the time spent on meals is very limited, this type of food is very successful. Currently, the practicality of this kitchen is joined to quality.

Slow Food

Slow Food is an international association founded by Carlo Petrini in 1986 in order to promote a greater appreciation of food, improving the quality of meals and a production that values the product, the producer and the environment.

KM 0

KM 0 food are local products sold near the production site. The advantage of proximity often reflects a lower price because of low transport costs and destruction, lack of commercial intermediaries and low taxer to sellers who, in many cases, are farmers or breeders themselves. The purpose is to increase local production, claiming the benefits of the option to eat more fresh products.